Be Your Time
Take a Rapid Test and find out if you are a slave to your smartphone.

  • This Rapid Test is a digital health tracking system. It helps you find out easily and intuitively if you are a slave to your smartphone.
  • This Rapid Test makes digitalization more sustainable and inclusive.
  • This Test is anonymous, and your privacy is safe. It is not binding nor is it subject to a contract. The account is automatically deleted after 24 hours.
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Our mission

We are working in the field of digital health, to improve the scientific foundation of research on the threshold of digital addiction, by applying AI machine learning algorithms.

  • This Rapid Test will allow us to reach our goal, to promote the development of new features so that no one is left behind in the extraordinary digital transformation we are experiencing.
  • Help us in our mission. Together, we can give everybody a chance to be part of the digitalization network without risking an ever more frequent burnout and digital addiction.

Be Your Time

An increasing number of people are embracing digital wellness as an integral part of their personal and professional lifestyle, alongside healthy eating and physical exercise.

  • On the train? Be Your Time.
  • In your free time? Be Your Time.
  • Sit at the table with friends? Be Your Time.
  • At a concert? Be Your Time.
  • In a work meeting? Be Your Time.
  • On vacation? Be Your Time.
  • During downtime in general? Be Your Time.

Dr. Alessandro Trivilini, Author

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This Rapid Test is for everybody

  • It is for companies, to be used as a tool to promote digital responsibility in workplaces.
  • It is for teens over 14 years old, to increase their awareness and avoid digital addiction.
  • It is for doctors, to be used as a diagnostic tool for patients with a high burnout risk.
  • It is for anyone interested in a more conscious and sustainable use of their smartphone.

It is the best gift for those who are always holding their smartphone.

Comparing habits

This Rapid Test gives you the chance to compare yourself to others.

Anonymously and using aggregated data, you will understand easily if other people use their smartphones as you do.

For example, you will be able to find out how you compare to others:

  • in terms of emotional attachment when using your smartphone.
  • in terms of direct relationship to your smartphone. Who is not able to refrain from touching it?
  • in terms of the biggest emotional consequences with concerning anxiety, aggressiveness, and isolation.

Take this Rapid Test and find out if you are a slave to your smartphone.

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